7” Skillet
3mm thick for even heating and no warping – suitable for induction, or any heat source and safe at high temperatures.  Weight 1.75lbs.

9” High Wall Skillet
Deeper than our regular skillets, for more sautée action. Same 3mm thick steel for fast and even heating.  Weight 3.5lbs.

10.2” Skillet
Our best seller and most popular ‘work horse’ home and restaurant all-rounder skillet. 3mm thick for even heating.  Weight 3.5lbs.

12.5” Skillet
Our largest pan with helper handle to assist with big loads and Love Handle to save stove space.  All the cooking performance of our best selling 10.5”… just bigger.  3mm thick Weight 4lbs.

9.5” Crêpe/Griddle Pan
Dual role: excels in the French crêpe tradition, and American flat griddle tradition for cooking almost anything to perfection where liquid-retaining walls aren’t required. Thick 4mm for very even heating.  Innovative seamless construction and handle much improved over regular strip handles.

10” Flaming Skillet
A new innovation in grilling and roasting for vegetables and meats.  No other mess pan is made from one thick, durable, rivetless and strong 3mm steel piece for long-term heavy-duty restaurant use in the harshest of cooking environments.  It nests perfectly with our 10.2” skillet for oven finishing… just like the pros.  Weight 3lbs.

11” Sauteuse Bombée/Wok
BIG deep 'bombed' sauteuse pan in the French tradition, but updated with Australian innovation. Also makes an awesome, indestructible, long-handle wok.  Seamless 2mm thick for fast and even heating with low weight, while still multi-century tough.  Weight 3.5lbs.

12” Wok, Dual Handle
Formed from one tough and seamless piece of 2mm thick Australian iron (low carbon steel) for fast and even heating, and no loose or broken handles, ever.  Weight 3lbs.