How to correctly season & care for your AUS-ION smooth finish pan
AUS-ION™ pans come pre-seasoned – not coated in protective oil, beeswax or lacquers like most steel pan brands – so they don’t need stripping and cleaning before use. For best results, follow our instructions below and add more strong layers of seasoning to the pan before you start. Your maintenance will be very much reduced if you follow these instructions to set the pan up correctly from the beginning.

How to season
1. Drop a teaspoon of flax seed, soy bean, rice bran or canola oil in a warm pan, or dampen a cloth with the oil.
2. Wipe over ENTIRE pan very thinly, so that all of the visible oil is gone and the surface only appears polished.
3. Place pan upside down in approximately 480° F oven for 11/2 hours, then switch off heat and cool in oven for 1/2 hour.
4. Repeat these steps 3-6 times to establish the best foundation of low-stick and corrosion-resistant seasoning.  Seasoning will improve with more cooking and correct cleaning.
5. Each successive layer will darken the pan further. If you get too much spotting/running from too much oil, use steel wool to reduce the marks and create a good anchor for the next layer of seasoning.

How to clean
1. After cooking, simply scrape out under hot running water while the pan is still very warm. Do not use soap, as it will erode the seasoning. Use a wooden or steel scraper, then you may finish up with a brush, but be careful not to take off too much of that beautiful seasoning that you have built up!
2. While the pan is still very warm, dry thoroughly with a paper towel.
3. If the pan is still relatively new, return to the stove top and wipe the interior of the pan with a small amount of oil, heat until smoking. Then, using tongs, wipe off the excess oil.