How to correctly season & care for your AUS-ION SATIN pan

AUS-ION™ SATIN pans come pre-seasoned – not coated in protective oil, beeswax or lacquers like most steel pan brands – so they don’t need stripping and cleaning before use. For best results, follow our instructions below and add more strong layers of seasoning to the pan before you start. Your maintenance will be very much reduced if you follow these instructions to set the pan up correctly from the beginning.

How to season

1. Oven-season for corrosion-resistance: With cotton or paper towel, wipe flax seed oil, canola oil or shortening over ENTIRE pan very thinly, so that all of the visible oil is gone and the surface only appears polished. Place pan upside down in approximately 480° F oven for 1 1/2 hours, then switch off heat and cool in oven for a half hour. Repeat 1-3 times to establish the best seasoning foundation.

2. Stove-top season for best natural nonstick: Heat pan to high on stove, drop in a teaspoon of one of the seasoning oils above and wipe all around with a paper towel (held in tongs for safety). Continue wiping for around 20 seconds as the pan smokes, ensuring oil is polished on very thinly and doesn’t pool or remain in lumps. Take off heat and cool for several minutes, then repeat cycle 3-6 times until pan is glossy black and smooth on cooking surface. Ensure strong air extraction and ventilation to avoid breathing smoke.

Seasoning will improve with more seasoning and cooking with fats/oils, as long as you wash correctly to save as much of the black seasoning as possible.

How to clean

1. After cooking, simply scrape out under hot running water while the pan is still very warm. Do not use soap, as it will erode the seasoning. Use a wooden or steel scraper to remove food residue, then you may finish up with a brush, but be careful not to take off too much of that beautiful black seasoning that you have achieved!

2. While the pan is still very warm, dry thoroughly with a paper towel. Apply a thin layer of oil and store. Once a pan is well-seasoned, cleaning can be as easy as wiping out with a paper towel.