"In our commercial environment, the AUS-ION pans are used rigorously every day and they're tough enough to take it. The even sear we get with steaks and fish is superior to any pan in the market and the single-piece construction makes cleaning easier…no more rivets! Backed by a multi-generational warranty, it provides long term cost savings because these babies will last forever. Did I mention they’re non-toxic and simply beautiful as well?"

                     - Executive Chef Amiro, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse / NYC

“AUS-ION are the best pans for searing, caramelizing and frying I’ve ever used! Solid as a rock construction, a warrantee that lasts forever and they take high heat without a problem. That’s what we look for in a professional kitchen.”

                     - Chef Bernard Guillas, The Marine Room / San Diego, CA

“I was in the market for a cast iron pan when I was lucky enough to receive the AUS-ION pan. Following the initial seasoning; I’ve sautéed salmon, browned duck, seared U-10 scallops, and have charred and glazed multiple vegetables with the use of this great pan. It affords me the great qualities of a cast iron pan by evenly distributing the heat throughout the surface without having to wait as you would a traditional cast iron pan, while giving you the versatility of a sauté pan due to its lighter weight. With this pan, the heat remains moderate, allowing me to achieve a beautiful crispy skin on my salmon, and a nice golden sear on my scallops. The AUS-ION pan’s design also allows the handle to stay cool when cooking on a surface burner, which is convenient when working in a fast-paced environment.”

                     - Chef Sean Streete, Meadowood Napa Valley

"In the high volume catering world, equipment often gets abused and the AUS-ION pans have proven their durability. Day in and day out we get perfectly seared meat and fish and the patina buildup is making the pans more and more nonstick. Besides looking gorgeous, they’re half the weight of cast iron, made of non-toxic metal and finally…someone got rid of those rivets."

                    - Chef Thomas Chan, Joy Wallace Catering / Miami, FL

"My AUS-ION pan lives in a high-school kitchen lab and is put to the test daily. The students love cooking with it because "it's cool"; they liked that it's created from one piece of metal. I love it because it's durable enough to withstand the use of chefs-in-training. After repeated uses and washings, it still performs beautifully. I get gorgeous sear off this pan."

                    - Chef Tina Luu, San Diego Unified Schools

“Chefs today need a product that is built to withstand the demands service. Consistency is key to a chefs success and that begins with tools that can perform over and over. The AUS-ION pan is great for obtaining the perfect sear or crust every time. They look great and work even better!”

                    - Chef Jason Voiselle, Bonita Springs, FL

"Great new product that Chefs of Australia are getting behind.  The only fully Australian made one piece steel fry pans.  Not only do they have no rivets therefore one piece with cool handles that are pre-seasoned and ready for use.  These pans are the pan of choice for the ACF Culinary Kitchen at the Find Food show at Homebush.  AUS-ION have sponsored the kitchens and supplied these great new pans for our competition kitchens... AUS-ION, support those that support the Chefs of Australia!"

                    - Australian Culinary Federation Facebook post during Find Foods Sydney, Sept 2015

"It's so hard to find any kitchen equipment these days that is made in Australia that is of the quality that Solidteknics is.  Designed and made in Australia from Australian materials.  I haven't come across any pans that perform in a busy restaurant as well as these."

                    - Chef Matt Stone, Oak Ridge Wines, Yarra Valley

"As a Chef we always want to pass down our knowledge. I want to pass down my knowledge and Aus-Ion, it's built to last."

                    - Joel “Tatu” Herrera, (Co-Owner The Cocineros, San Antonio, TX)

"What I love about the AUS-ION (pan) is its slick modern design. I feel I can also serve it on the table and people love the pan. I love roasting whole pieces of meat, beef, lamb shoulder, leg of lamb, even whole mushrooms or cauliflower! It evenly cooks anything I place in the pan. This is the pan to go with for anything type of cooking."

                    - Richard Arteaga (Casa Lever, NYC)